David Tennant: I don’t feel pressure from Marvel fans

David Tennant has played down the pressure of impressing Marvel fans.

The actor was recently cast in Marvel and Netflix‘s new series AKA Jessica Jones as Zebediah Killgrave, a villain more commonly known as the Purple Man.

Asked whether he feels the weight of fan expectations, he said that it is “wonderful” to be a part of something that inspires such enthusiasm.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other journalists at the What’s On Stage Awards on Sunday (February 15), he explained: “Things that have huge fan followings are wonderful to be a part of as they’re so enthusiastic about things.

“It’s wonderful to be in something that people care about and are focused on.”

The former Doctor Who star also referenced the secrecy surrounding the project by adding: “I think that is the absolute total of what I’m allowed to say!”

Tennant previously described joining the Marvel universe as a “thrill”, explaining that he grew up as a “devotee” of the comic books.

Netflix’s upcoming Marvel Studios programming will kick off with Daredevil, before AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist debut.

The heroes featured in those series will converge in a Defenders mini-series. AKA Jessica Jones will premiere later this year on Netflix.

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