Britney Spears in Las Vegas: Fantasy setlist

We’re big Britney Spears fans here at Digital Spy, and with Britney taking to the stage in Las Vegas tomorrow (December 27), we’ve been giving some thought to the songs that we really wish she would include in her ‘Piece of Me’ setlist.
Spears has suggested that she may retire at the end of her two-year residency, so if this really is the last show she will put on, then we want to see some of our all-time favourites given one final outing.

Last week, Spears unveiled the 24 songs that will be included in tomorrow night’s set, but we’ve put together our own fantasy setlist. It features 25 songs from across Britney’s career – including her biggest hits, classic album tracks that deserve to be brought out of retirement, and some songs that she has never performed, but really should.

Take a look at our fantasy ‘Piece of Me’ setlist below. Which songs do you want to see Britney perform during her two years in Las Vegas? Share your ultimate setlists in the comments section.

1. ‘Work Bitch’

The lead single from Britney Jean strikes us as the perfect way for Britney to kick off the show. You want a successful Vegas residency? Well, you better work, bitch!

2. ‘Break The Ice’

An underrated Britney classic and one that she has yet to perform. We didn’t even get the chance to see Brit perform the song in the accompanying music video, as her team opted to release an anime-style clip instead. Basically, Britney owes us a performance of ‘Break The Ice’.

3. ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’

It’s almost a decade since Britney last performed ‘Oops!’ on ‘The Onyx Hotel Tour’, so we think it’s only right that she brings it out of retirement in Vegas. Something along the lines of her 2000 VMAs performance would be nice.

4. ‘Womanizer’

It was her first number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 since her debut, and ‘Womanizer’ marked Britney’s proper comeback after a turbulent Blackout campaign a year earlier. If ‘Piece of Me’ is a celebration of Britney’s career to date, then there is no way ‘Womanizer’ can be neglected.

5. ‘Alien’

This William Orbit-produced track is a standout from Britney Jean and one that we would love to see performed at Planet Hollywood. Four songs into the evening, it would be nice for Britney to lose her dancers for a stripped down rendition of ‘Alien’.

6. ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’

Another golden oldie that deserves to be brought back to life. Britney is rumoured to be recreating some of her iconic looks on stage, and we think the waitress outfit from the ‘Crazy’ music video fits the bill perfectly.

7. and 8. ‘Cinderella’/’What U See (Is What U Get)’

These two gems from way back when would work nicely together in a mash-up for Las Vegas. The chances of this happening are slim to none, but we can dream.

9. ‘Til It’s Gone’

Definitely one of the strongest cuts on Britney’s latest LP, we’d be disappointed if ‘Til It’s Gone’ wasn’t included in the setlist at some point.

10. ‘Toy Soldier’

Britney performed a host of Blackout tracks on her ‘Circus’ tour in 2009, but sadly ‘Toy Soldier’ wasn’t one of them. “This time I need a soldier, a really bad ass soldier,” Britney sings. Imagine Britney as General and her dancers as soldiers. It has the makings of a great performance.

11. ‘Circus’

The Circus album gave us ‘The Circus Starring Britney Spears’ tour, which is definitely one of Britney’s most spectacular shows to date. ‘Piece of Me’ director Baz Halpin has revealed that he will be taking advantage of the theme in the show, so it’s a given that ‘Circus’ will find its way into the setlist.

12. ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’

Bring back the snake and we’ll be happy.

13. ‘Me Against The Music’

‘Me Against The Music’ may not be our favourite track from Britney’s back catalogue, but if there is even the smallest chance that Madonna will join her on stage at Planet Hollywood at some point, then we think it is well worth including.

14. and 15. ‘Lucky’/’Overprotected’

These two tracks that have proven to be quite prophetic for Britney in recent years. We’re not sure we can see 32-year-old Britney performing ‘Lucky’ again, but it definitely deserves a place in the setlist.

16. ‘Unusual You’

This Circus album track is a DS favourite and we would love to see Britney slow things down for a stripped back performance, with live vocals.

17. ‘Everytime’

We missed it on the ‘Femme Fatale’ tour, so ‘Everytime’ needs to return in Vegas. Oh, and one more special request, we’d quite like to see Britney on the piano again.

18. ‘Someday (I Will Understand)’

We have a soft spot for this oft forgotten Britney ballad here at Digital Spy. Released as a single in only a few countries and featured on the ‘Britney & Kevin: Chaotic EP’, ‘Someday’ is a really beautiful track penned by Britney herself. Britney doesn’t look back at that time of her life too fondly, but we hope she realises that this track remains one of her best ballads.

19. ‘Perfume’

Britney’s vocals on ‘Perfume’ surprised many when the song was unveiled in November, but can she deliver an equally impressive live performance? We’d certainly like to find out.

20. ‘Gimme More’

Britney’s performance of ‘Gimme More’ on her ‘Femme Fatale Tour’ was definitely an improvement on that 2007 VMAs performance, and hopefully she’ll deliver again in Las Vegas.

21. ‘Piece Of Me’

It’s the show’s title track, so we’re pretty sure we’ll be treated to a performance of ‘Piece of Me’.

22. ‘Till The World Ends’

Britney performed so many tracks from Femme Fatale on her last tour, so we don’t mind her resting songs like ‘Hold It Against Me’ and ‘I Wanna Go’ this time round. However, we’re going to make an exception for the Ke$ha-penned single ‘Till The World Ends’.

23. ‘…Baby One More Time’

There is nothing to debate here. A Britney show without this would just be weird, wouldn’t it?

24. ‘Stronger’

“But now I’m stronger than yesterday…” ‘Stronger’ has always been a Britney anthem, but since her comeback in 2008, the song has taken on greater significance. We hope she brings back the ‘chairography’ from her 2000 music video as well.

25. ‘Toxic’

There’s been so many amazing performances of ‘Toxic’ over the years, but we’d love to see her match the energy of this performance from her 2004 ABC special.

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